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Trading Academy Trading Basics - Lesson 6 /16

What is a unit?

A “unit” is measuring the size of the trade – just like kilometer is the standard unit in measuring distance. It basically refers to the size of your trade. The more units, the bigger your trade.

So what is a unit worth?

100,000 units = 1 lot
10,000 units = 1 mini lot
1,000 units = 1 micro lot

Units are an important part of managing your risk, as one of the best ways to reduce risk is to reduce the size of your trade. For more information about risk management, read this article.

How do I open a position with different units?

On your deal ticket, the number of units you’re about to trade is shown in the Units field. You can increase or decrease the number of units in your trade by clicking the [up icon] and [down icon] buttons.


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